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Unibet Horse Racing



Whilst sports punters and racing punters might be a part of different worlds at times, many of the same principles apply. A cominbation of the best players and best coaches often excel at their craft in the sporting world and horse racing doesn’t stray too far from this ideal. The best horses, jockeys and trainers all play a part in this exciting, dynamic sport they call ‘The Sport of Kings’.

When a newbie steps into the racing realm, it can be overwhelming to start, but a few handy tips and tricks can simplify the game for any player:

Understanding the world of racing – UNIBET STYLE

Let’s get back to basics!

For users who are keen to enter the world of Unibet Racing, the best way to start is to learn the basics of what it’s all about. Grassroots type basics!

Horse racing is a global sport where horses, jockeys and trainers compete against each other in all corners of the world.

Trainers train, jockeys ride and horses run. Field sizes can range from two horses to forty!

Types of horse racing

Horse racing competition can be divided into two different formats which are:

Flat Racing:

Horses are trained and ridden to race from their starting barriers to the finish point over varying distances ranging from 800 metre sprints to 4500 metre staying events.

Chase/Jumps Racing:

Horses are trained to run varying distances ranging from anything to 2800 metres to 4500 metres and jump over fences at regular intervals during the race.

The horses take their designated place in a stall/barrier to start the race, much like a sprinter or marathon runner would in athletics and then they are let go when the barrier is opened to let the race begin!


Betting on horse racing

  • To win:

For Unibet horse racing, just like other betting sites, the most common type of bet is placed “to win.” Betting “to win” simply means that the customer places a bet on the horse that they think is likely to win the race. Some customers prefer placing their bets on more than one horses so that they can spread their odds of winning.

On the Unibet site, there is a button that reads: “SP”. The button means Starting Price and it indicates the starting odds for the horse users are betting on.

  • Exotics Betting:

In this type of betting users place their bets on multiple horses to finish in specific positions in the race, sometimes in any order and other times in exact order depending on the betting option taken.

Quinella betting is when a bet is placed to say 2 or more selected horses will finish in first or second place in any given order. Horse A can beat Horse B or vice versa as ling as they finish first and second.

Exacta betting mirrors a quinella except for the fact that the selections must finish in that exact order chosen eg Horse A must finish first and Horse B must finish second.

Trifecta betting is when a bet is placed for 3 or more horses to finish in first, second and third places in any given order.

Each way betting

When a player chooses to place an each way bet, they are selecting a stake to go on both the Win AND the Place on their selected horse. It will place the same win stake amount on the horse to also run in the placings. If the horse wins , the player will collect both bets but if it does not win but runs in the top 3 , the player will receive the place portion of the bet to roughly a quarter the odds of the win bet.


When using the Unibet horse racing platform, players will often see the term ‘Scratched’ next to a horse throughout some races.

This means the horse has been withdrawn from the race for one reason or another and will not take part. The market for the race will then be readjusted and certain bets prior the horse being withdrawn may take a deducted dividend.


Horse racing events on Unibet

Horse racing on Unibet is one of the most popular sports watched by people who visit the site. Users can download the mobile app and access the site on the go. The interface is very easy to use, even for beginners. Live horse racing events that users can bet on are always distinctly marked on the Unibet logo.

Being the global game that it is, players can bet on the best horse racing events throughout the world on the Unibet Racing Platform. From Ascot in the UK to Santa Anita in the U.S to Flemington in Australia, players have options galore to enjoy racing at its best. Let the race begin!

Unibet offers

People who love horse racing and are regulars in placing their bets can benefit from the many offers that Unibet gives to their loyal customers. The registration process before one starts betting on horse racing on the Unibet site is very easy and short; and it only takes minutes before getting set up.

Generally, horse racing on Unibet is a fun activity that can be made even easier once the players master the tricks of the betting process. The first step towards making it easier is doing research and going through the many articles that have been written to guide newbies. Once the players learn the ropes of navigating through the site and placing their bets, the process becomes even easier with every bet they place.